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  • FVPS Junior Primary

    At Forest View Primary School, Grade 1, 2 and 3 form a crucial foundation for lifelong learning.  Your Junior Primary learner will be encouraged to enjoy a holistic school environment, where involvement and participation of each learner are encouraged and recognized by our dedicated staff.  Our learning environment will stimulate and develop learner’s enquiring minds, their independence, and their confidence. Life skills are developed through creative activities, exploration and problem-solving.  Creativity is celebrated through the medium of Art in the classroom. The curriculum also includes specialist teaching in Music, Computer Studies, Physical Education, IsiZulu and Afrikaans. We also cater for Remediation in English and Maths.

    Throughout the year each Junior Primary class take turns in presenting an assembly.  This allows the learners the opportunity to experience an audience and introduces them to performing in front of an audience.  Parents are encouraged to attend these assemblies and the learners thoroughly enjoy this opportunity.

    Teachers’ assistants work alongside the educators to ensure that each child is given individual attention in Reading, Literacy and Numeracy.  This facilitates the identification of any gaps and the opportunity for early intervention to be implemented.

    Foundation Phase allows for two lessons per week to be dedicated to their physical development which is so important at this stage.  These comprise of water safety activities and swimming in the summer terms. Winter terms focus on gross motor, co-ordination and ball skills.  Extra- curricular sporting opportunities include mini-netball, mini-soccer, mini-hockey and mini-cricket. These include coaching and weekly inter-school tournaments.  All these activities are enjoyed on our large outdoor campus.

    Our educational approach, supportive staff and inclusion of outdoor activities contribute to an environment that is secure and comfortable, enabling each learner to develop their strengths, face challenges and produce results that are reflective of their full potential.

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