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  • FVPS Intermediate & Senior Primary

    The academic programme in both phases is CAPS compliant, comprehensive and taught by qualified, well-trained, enthusiastic and highly committed staff.

    The curriculum, which focuses on the development of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values seeks to prepare our learners socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically to become upright, productive, worthy, creative and critical citizens who are able to make a valuable contribution to the development of our society and country.

    In addition to the wide range of subjects offered, suitably qualified specialists lessons are provided by suitably qualified specialists in the following subjects: Visual Art, Music, Drama, Performing Arts, Computers, Physical Education, isiZulu and Media Education.

    Learners in each grade have the opportunity of going on day excursions and at least one overnight excursion per annum.  These excursions serve to develop their leadership skills, encourage teamwork, give them the opportunity to face their fears and teach them to be compassionate, helpful, disciplined and co-operative.

    The learners, in each class, have the opportunity to participate in assemblies, which allow them to use the skills learnt during lessons, in front of an audience.  These assemblies are thoroughly enjoyed by the learners and their parents. In addition, learners have an opportunity to showcase their talent at our annual Forest View’s Got Talent function.  The Grade 7 learners are given an opportunity to participate in our annual Grade 7 production.

    Sport is a much-loved activity at Forest View Primary and our learners are always eager to get involved in a range of sporting disciplines.  The following codes of sport are offered:

    • Swimming,
    • Rugby,
    • Drum Majorettes,
    • Cross Country,
    • Athletics,
    • Cricket,
    • Soccer,
    • Hockey,
    • Tennis,
    • Netball.

    Suitably qualified and experienced coaches impart the valuable skills required to participate at school and inter-school level.  Additional, paid for activities include karate, ballet, drama, specialised cricket coaching, specialised rugby coaching, and expert swimming lessons provided by a specialist swimming school.

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