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  • FVPS Pupils lead by positive example

    FVPS Pupils lead by positive example

    Pupils lead by positive example

    AT Forest View Primary School, two dynamic Grade 6 pupils have shown initiative and are shining examples to the community as they have shown that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact in their communities.

    Delane Britz (12) and Astrid Zwart (11) were inspired one Monday morning after listening to a story that the school’s principal, Shayleen Shum, told in assembly. It was a story about a blind beggar whose life was forever changed by a kind woman.

    Anything is possible. Dreams aren’t something you wait for, they’re something you work for.

    Astrid Zwart (11), Pupil at Forest View Primary

    Delane and Astrid always wanted to help people less fortunate than themselves, and this story got them thinking that they too could make a difference in other people’s lives. The two girls brainstormed during break. When Astrid went home she spoke to her mom about their idea and was encouraged to take it forward.

    Delane and Astrid then set up a meeting with their principal and asked permission to start an initiative to collect second-hand clothes for an orphanage.

    When asked to give advice to fellow pupils on how to help others they said, “Research and read up on stories about other inspirational people and try and make a difference,” said Delane. They thanked their families for encouraging them and their principal, Shayleen Shum, for inspiring them.

    The wheel was set in motion and through their incredible initiative the school collected dozens of bags of clothes and shoes for a local charity.

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