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  • BOX CART RALLY – 20 JULY 2019

    BOX CART RALLY – 20 JULY 2019

    • Date & Time:
      • July 20, 2019
      • 10:00 am
    • Venue:

      Forest View Primary School

    • Contact details:

    It’s BOX CART RALLY time again and we are pulling out all the stops to ensure that this year, this will be an event that promises to put our community on the map! We promised we would be sending details regarding the event, entry forms and costs. So here goes…

    The Box Cart Rally will start at 10:00 on Saturday, 20 July. Registration will open from 08:30 and Competitors may start setting up their Cart in the Pit Area from 08:30am. Cars may off load the carts in the Pit Area but will not be permitted to park on the main field. We will be setting out an exciting race track on the school field. Spectators are encouraged to watch the events and shout for their teams from around the field. We will have marshals, and safety officers available, as our Drivers safety is of utmost importance.

    This year’s event will see many changes, the most important is the CLASS grouping:

    CLASS A – Primary School

    “The Pit Chief” MUST be an adult, or responsible teenager & “The Driver” must be of Primary School age and may not be older than 12 years (or Gr 7). Due to the pushing nature of the event, you may then opt to have a “younger & fitter” Pusher. However, please keep in mind that this is a fun event and The Pusher must be a responsible teenager. This is for the safety of our children.

    CLASS B – Open (no age restrictions)

    Participants must be over the age of 12 or above Grade 7

    There will be prizes for…

    The Best Dressed Team
    The Best-looking PIT and CREW
    The Best-Looking Cart
    The Fastest Cart
    The Slowest Cart

    The Leopards Club will be open for snacks, soft drinks, sweets, chips, tea & coffee, as well as other exciting vendors will be available on the day. Please support them. We will have a kiddies safe zone for the little ones that just want to chill out and have fun. We will be hosting a Bring and Braai afterwards. Fires will be supplied by the school, and these will be lit at about 15:00pm after Prize Giving.

    With all that said, I bet you are wondering about the cost. We greatly appreciate all the support we have received this year and for this reason we have tried to keep the cost of the event as low as possible. Although this is officially a Fundraiser, our goal for the day is to create an amazing family orientated event, hosted by our amazing school that will grow from strength to strength in the years to come. And for “The FVPS Box Cart Rally” to become a fixture on the Upper Highway calendar.

    Our rally pricing will be as follows:

    • The entry fee for the Box Cart Rally Team- R150.00 per team
      Teams must be made up of a minimum of 2 & a maximum of 4 members.
    • Spectators – FREE!!
      Please invite all family members and friends to join in the fun of this BOX CART Festival!!

    There will be lots of prizes up for grabs and maybe even a visit from a mystery celebrity 😉 Please note no unsupervised children will be allowed! Learners, who are spectating, must be accompanied by at least one adult. So, round up your family, grannies, granddads, aunties, uncles, and neighbours and join us for what we know will be an epic day out.

    So, without any further ado attached are the entry form, safety guideline & protective wear specification and the Indemnity Form. These are also available on our webpage www.forestview.co.za. The indemnity form needs to be signed by a parent/legal guardian for all under 18’s and returned to the school with your entry, scanned and mailed to the address below, or alternatively produced on the day at registration.

    Entry and Payment Options

      • All entries and signed indemnity forms must be returned, along with monies, in a clearly marked envelope to your child’s class teacher by 12 July 2019 (Forest View Primary students only)
      • Entries can be done online on Quicket – https://qkt.io/FVPSBoxCart19
        Entry forms can be mailed to gb@forestview.co.za

    Should you have any queries, please email: gb@forestview.co.za, or message us on the FVPS Facebook Page and we will be happy to help.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Box Cart Rally.

    The FVPS Box Cart Rally Team

    Safety Guideline Specifications & Protective Wear

    Our Marshals will inspect the Box Carts for the following Safety Specification & Protective Wear. This is for the safety of all the competitors, and we reserve the right to withdraw any team that does not adhere to these guidelines.

    Cart Requirements

    1. Box Carts must meet the Construction and Safety Guidelines as described herein.
    2. Carts may be inspected prior to each race to ensure they are deemed safe for racing. Ruling by the inspectors shall not be challenged. Carts rejected by the inspector must be removed immediately from the starting location.
    3. When racing, drivers must wear closed shoes and a helmet with chin strap.
    4. The race judges’ decisions are final and shall not be contested.

    The design of the Carts is up to the builders. Should you be fortunate enough to have access to a Box Cart stored and half-forgotten in a garage or shed somewhere, you may be able to use it, but all Carts for the Forest View Box Cart Rally must meet the specifications described herein. Builders should keep in mind that they should be built with the intended driver in mind.

    • Box Carts are powered by gravity only – NO ENGINES OR MOTORS
    • The driver must sit in the Cart, facing forward and control the Cart using only hands and feet.
    • VERY IMPORTANT. The Cart must fit the driver. Drivers must be able to get in and out of the Cart easily and operate steering and braking in the normal seated position without stretching or straining.
    • Carts must have four wheels. Minimum diameter is 15 cm. Wheels from manufacturers may not be modified but must be used “as is”. Wheels may not be made of wood.
    • Measures must be taken to prevent wheels from departing the Cart when in use. Use cotter pins or other positive means to keep the wheels in place.
    • Fasteners used in the steering and brake systems must be prevented from loosening when in use by using lock nuts, cotter pins, wire tying or other means.
    • Maximum wheel base (distance between front and rear axles), 1.4 metres
    • Maximum Cart body width, 1 metre
    • Maximum axle length, 1.15 metres

    All basic structure parts must be securely fastened to each other using bolts, screws or other suitable hardware. Plywood and solid wood are permitted structural materials. Particle or strand type board is not permitted for any structural part. The basic structure is defined as the chassis on which the driver sits and to which the axles, steering and brake mechanisms, and body shell are attached. The Cart body or shell may part of the basic structure. It must be made of rigid impact resistant material.

    • Cable links used in steering and brake systems must be secured and not slip under stress.
    • Adjusting hardware such as turnbuckles must be lock-wired in the final adjusting position.
    • The driver’s lower torso, legs and feet should be within the body shell. The drivers should not be able to contact the road surface or the wheels when seated in the normal operating position in the Cart.
    • There shall be no exposed sharp edges or points. Exposed edges that may be contacted by the driver shall be smooth. Protective cushioning material may also be fitted.
    • Build a stiff non-flexing basic structure.
    • Try to keep Carts light, but tough and strong. DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL WEIGHT.
    • It is recommended to incorporate hand-holds for ease of handling.
    • It is vitally important that the Cart can be driven repeatedly without steering and brakes adjustment.
    • Test the steering and brake mechanisms for strength, repeatable and smooth operation.
    • Test the whole Cart on a grassy surface. Make certain, through testing, that the intended drivers can safely operate the Cart.


    Box Cart Rally Registrations

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    Thank you for entering Forest View Primary School’s 2019 Box Cart Rally!
    In order to complete your registration please download and complete the below registration and indemnity form:


    Once filled out please return this form by way of email to gb@forestview.co.za or if you are a parent of Forest View Primary you are welcome to return the form along with your child’s homework book.

    We look forward to seeing you on race day!

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