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Cultivating Creativity

In Our Art Room

We draw , we paint, cut-out, decorate, create, simplify, enhance and experiment with Paints, Pencils, Oil Pastels , Soft Pastels, Inks, Chalk and Charcoal!

Learners are exposed to a wide array of styles and mediums and given enriching projects to develop their appreciation of art and their skills.

In Our Art Programme

We aim to provide topics, opportunities and experiences which will develop the learner's aesthetic visual awareness, especially of their natural environment.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects and have spent years honing the skills and expanding the horizons of our always eager learners.

In Our Learners

Learners are continually presented with challenging and fun projects designed to stretch their imaginations.

We always strive to imbue our learners with a sense of wonder and expose them to ever greater sources of artistic inspiration.


Music is the FOOD OF LIFE. At Forest View, we have an exciting music programme, which includes rhythm, movement, playing instruments, drama, dancing, singing and stories in music.

Our learners experience playing our “Djembe Drums” and participating in a DRUM CIRCLE. Our instruments include a wide variety of percussion instruments as well as melodic instruments e.g. keyboards, piano mats, glockenspiels, xylophones and metollophones. Each year we hold a Speech and Drama Festival encouraging our children to present their individual and group talents. Our Junior Primary and Senior Primary choirs perform at various music festivals during the year. Our Grandparents’ Day, Concert and Carol Service showcase the talents of all our learners and are highlights in our music year.


In order to play an active part in the promotion of the natural environment Forest View constantly promotes environmentalism. This “beyond the walls of the classroom” programme begins at pre-school level and continues through to Grade 7.
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Charity & Fundraising

Forest View strives to engender kindness and community spirit in its pupils through fundraising, awareness campaigns and charity drives to help the community and disadvantaged people.
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